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Domain Names

Register your Domain Name with AKTech for as low as $14.95 a year. Call it a "dot-com name," a URL, or a domain. Whatever you call it, it's the cornerstone of your online presence, and we make getting one easy. Simply enter the name you want in the search field, and we'll tell you instantly whether the name is available. If it's available, you pay a single fee that is renewable every year, and the name is yours.

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Email & Data Security

All customers are protected by our firewall and intrusion prevention system, which stops 99% of incoming viruses, network attacks, denial of service attacks, and unsolicited e-mail at the source, before it is even received by your website or e-mail. In addition, every server in the AKTech network is equipped with up-to-date antivirus and network attack mitigation software, adding another layer of protection for your data. E-mail servers also are protected by the latest anti-virus definitions to prevent e-mail attachments containing viruses from reaching your mailbox, and interconnectivity to a number of major RBL lists (realtime blacklists) mean that spam is kept out.


Business Web Site Design

  In today's competitive Internet Marketplace a website can be lost in the virtual sea of the vastness of what we call the Internet. Bad designs, poor navigation, lack of information, poor color schemes and websites bloated with advertisements are just some of the common things that we dislike while we are searching for products or information.

  Here at AKTech we can provide solutions for all your Internet presence needs. Beginning with a free comprehensive consultation to understand your needs, wants, ideas, target audiences, and future expansion needs. From this information a concept idea will start to form together and the creation of a website in a clean, consistence, and to the point design may begin. Once acceptance of this design is finalized the deployment can be done on one of our economical and reliable web hosting packages or on a pre-existing website. At this point we can start the process of any Search Engine needs using our refined optimization and placement techniques we have developed over the years. AKTech can provide maintenance, updates, and redesigns of existing websites.

AKTech uses the following...

» HTML Programming
» ASP Programming
» MSSQL Databases
» MySQL Databases
» Access Databases
» Photoshop


Featured Website Examples

  AeroAlaska is a database driven classified ads website built with ASP programming. The back end is a commercial program that was heavily customized to change the appearance and functionality with several "extras" added. This website is highly optimized for Search Engine functionality and many of the common internet searches relevant to the aviation industry done by consumers turn up AeroAlaska on the first page at Google, Yahoo, MSN and many other common search engine sites. AeroAlaska is a shinning example of Search Engine Optimization at its best!

AeroAlaska ~ Aviation Classifieds

  Fred's Alaska Seafood is a rather simple website designed from the ground up using ASP programming and features e-commerce built around PayPal's secure functionality. With a small amount of consistent products for sale we kept the overall cost down yet provided a functional and informative website with ease of use for the consumer.

Fred's Alaska Seafood featuring Wild Alaska Seafood Products > 1-866-544-3700

  Alaska Publishing is a website designed to present a collection of books and crafts from several different artists. The products are sold through outsourced venues such as Barnes & Nobles,, Cook Inlet Book Company and direct mail. Alaska Publishing presents the details on items to better inform potential customers and to point them in the right direction to the numerous vendors that support the authors and artists.

Alaska Publishing - Books and Crafts




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