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Windows 2003 Shared Web Hosting Packages

Basic Hosting

• 250 MB of Storage
• 5 GB Monthly Traffic
• 10 POP Mail Accounts
• Web Mail Access
• Hosting Control Panel
• Frontpage Extensions

$12.95 monthly
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Standard Hosting

• 500 MB of Storage
• 10 GB Monthly Traffic
• 50 POP Mail Accounts
• Web Mail Access
• 1 MS SQL Database
• 1 MySQL Database
• Hosting Control Panel
• Frontpage Extensions

$19.95 monthly
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Advanced Hosting

• 1000 MB of Storage
• 20 GB Monthly Traffic
• 500 POP Mail Accounts
• Web Mail Access
• 10 MS SQL Databases
• 10 MySQL Databases
• Hosting Control Panel
• Frontpage Extensions

$34.95 monthly
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Business Web Site Design

  In todays ever growing Internet, Electronic Commerce is growing at a huge rate and is becoming an integral part of everyday life. A website provides a company a 24 hour presence to the nearly one billion Internet users. Just think of the potential customers a website exposes you to.

  Here at AKTech we can provide solutions for all your Internet presence needs. Starting with a free comprehensive consultation to understand your needs, ideas, and what target audience to approach. From there the concept will begin to form together to create the website in a clean, consistence, and to the point design. Once acceptance of the design is finalized the deployment can be done on one of our economical and reliable web hosting packages. At this point we can start the process of your Search Engine needs using our refined optimization and placement techniques we have developed over the years.


Internet Statistics

51.7% of the U.S. population uses the Internet as of March 2011, Thats 488,005,400 Internet users out of a total population of 944,678,035
Source: InternetWorldStats

2,095,006,005 Internet users worldwide as of March 2011
Source: InternetWorldStats

Domain Name growth for COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, and INFO dated from 1/15/2004 to 12/15/2009 increased from 35,340,170 to 111,889,734
Source: Zooknic

Active Domain Names snapshot dated on 11/21/2011:
98,739,187 - COM
14,310,096 - NET
9,600,777 - ORG
8,233,964 - INFO
2,167,453 - BIZ
1,741,172 - US
134,792,649 total
Source: Whois Source




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